My experience at
Facebook London

Tuesday 16th October 2018

In October, I was invited to Facebook’s HQ in London to take part in their Design Jam. It was run by TTC Labs, an initiative set up in-house to use design thinking to put people in control of their privacy. They have now spread their effort across the industry, hosting Design Jams in cities around the world. Our Jam was run by Dr. Dan Hayden, data strategist at Facebook. Here he is giving an in-depth explanation at CEBIT.

Dr Hayden explaining TTC Labs at the jam

We were sorted into multi-disciplinary groups and given the brief of designing a banking app for children with privacy at its centre. Our team was a mix of designers, economists and scientists. We had a very short window to come up with a solution, using affinity mapping and user personas to understand the target user. We went through rapid sketching sessions and voted on the top ideas.

Whiteboard with post-its and wireframes

We decided a parallel ‘guardian’ app would give parents peace of mind while educating the child on banking terms and processes. This would allow parents to set parameters and approve transactions for the account. We created an interactive prototype for each walkthrough, presenting our idea to a panel of experts. We won the award for User Centricity, receiving lots of Facebook merch!

Facebook branded merchandise for winning the User Centricity award

I had a great time at the Jam, meeting designers from Facebook and from other Universities. Finding out what it’s like to work at Facebook, from content strategists and product designers. Most importantly it was beneficial to learn how we can design products where privacy is both transparent and controlled by the user.

Dr Hayden explaining TTC Labs at the jam