Taking part in the
Global Service Jam

Saturday 10th March 2018

Designing at the Dundee Global Service Jam has always been a unique experience. Over 3 days we receive a brief, gather research, share our progress globally and design solutions to change the world. Throughout the event we receive interesting talks from a range of speakers implementing service design. There’s always a mix of disciplines at the event, from designers to social workers – all people who believe they can make a difference.

Skyping the Beirut Jam during a break

Once we received the brief, we started to break down what it could mean, using the double diamond as a general guide throughout the 3 days. Included in this process is Affinity Mapping, writing words or phrases that tie to the brief before sorting them into categories, voting on the most useful and then making teams from the one you find most interesting.

Affinity Mapping topics in groups

The next morning, we went out into the city centre to gather research from the general public, including interviews and surveys. Finding out how people used services and what pain points they had was crucial for designing a meaningful solution. After we’d gathered our observations, we headed back to the studio to analyse our findings. Here ideation began, with more post-its and speed sketching.

Project research documentation

Throughout the Jam we utilised the variety of expertise each member of the team possessed, while at the same time learning useful skills from each other. At the end of the 3rd day we presented our insights and solution to the brief, showing how we can improve experiences with technology or services. I highly recommend you take part in a jam near you.

Another team presenting their idea